This is the time of year to pursue big Bahama wahoo. The season starts in November and will run through the end of March. We took a trip earlier this week to Bimini and trolling high speed lures was the ticket. The best time to fish for Wahoo is on the outgoing tide so we left Hillsboro Inlet early in the morning and took the two hour ride over to Bimini. We were fishing out of a center console and trolled four rods. We were trolling at around 13 knots when we got our first bite. Let me tell you, there is nothing like the sound of a wahoo bite! It is probably one of the most exciting things to experience in fishing. These fish would eat the lures and take up to 200 yards of line off the reel. In a four hour stretch we caught eight wahoo between 20 and 60 pounds. Once the tide started to slow down the bite tapered off and we decided to go try our luck at deep dropping for snapper and grouper. After catching a number of fish on the bottom we returned to Hillsboro inlet with a box full of fish and smiles on our faces. What an awesome day it was!!!! If you have any questions on rigging or general wahoo tactics give us a shout at the shop and we will get you dialed in.

Get Tight!!!