Pictures like this are going to become all too common over the next few weeks. Hurricane Dorian ripping through the Bahamas is going to be the cause of lots of floating debris.

Not only should you be careful navigating through the debris but make sure to keep an eye out for the mahi-mahi. Prior to the storm the bite was already picking up but now over the next few weeks it should be really good. Spinning rods with chunk bait or live bait will do the trick.

Running around looking for floating debris may be easier than trolling blind. We call this running and gunning and it can be very effective just be careful and keep an eye out. At times we will fish to trolling rods past the patchy debris areas and once hooked up with a mahi we will then deploy the spinning rods. If you need any help give us a call at the shop.

Get tight!
RJ Boyle