Pictured here is Scott Sansone with a big sword we caught aboard the “Lisa B” on Monday. There have not been lots of fish around but the ones being caught are big. One angler landed a sword just over the 500 pound mark and a few 300’s were landed. When you get around the full moon we have noticed that the amount of bites goes down but the amount of large fish caught goes up. You have to have patience in this game.

The day after we caught this fish we got skunked and never had a bite fishing all day soaking baits for 12 hours. You have to have patience for this kind of fishing but the reward is worth it!

This fish was caught in 1750 feet of water on a bonito belly.

If you’d like to catch a swordfish or any type of big game fish give us a call for a charter. We would love to have you aboard.
561-251-9198 for charter info.

RJ Boyle