We have had a tough go on the swordfish over the last month or so. The current has been screaming with speeds over 5 knots. Swordfishing in high current situations can be very difficult. Driving the boat is very technical and an unexperienced driver will struggle in tough sea conditions. If you can manage to keep your bait down within 100 feet of the bottom you are probably going to have success. The presentation of the bait is awesome at 5 knots because it is really swimming like a natural bait. History has it that these summer months produce some of the biggest swordfish caught on record. Earlier this week I was working on a charter boat named Double D out of Miami. Captain Dean Panos has been swordfishing for years and has the skills necessary to battle the elements. We hooked a fish on our second drop in 1,700 feet of water and fought the fish for nearly 2 hours. We have been eating like kings ever since. If you need technical advice just give us a call and we will get you dialed in. The sword in the picture ate an eel with a clear skirt on it.

Big Swords Lurking in the Deep

Aug. 2 will be our sixth annual Sunburn Swordfish Tournament. We have had epic catches over the years.
Attached is the promo piece. Any questions call RJ Boyle Studio at 954-420-5001