For the next few months the snappers, triggers, and groupers will be biting for those who are willing to give it a try. Capt. Skip Dana out of the Hillsboro Inlet Marina had catches this week of large mangrove and vermillion snappers. Some of the mangroves weighed up to eight pounds. I called Capt. Skip early in the week to find out where I could catch some quality fish. I had a special needs kids trip and I needed to bend the rod. He told me where to set up to fish and from the first drop on we had fish coming to the boat. We caught the fish using cut squid and our rig consisted of four 2/0 hooks with a lead at the bottom. This rig is also known as a chicken or guppy rig. What a great trip we had landing 24 fish in just under two hours. If you get a chance call and book a trip on the Fish City Pride or the Helen S. Capt. Skip Dana will put you in the meat.

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