Pictured here is the catch from local charter boat “Ring Master” captained by John Caselli. The William Fokas crew stayed busy reeling in fish. The fishing right now is so crazy! One day the fish bite like mad dogs and the next day you can’t buy a bite. What we do see that makes us happy is bonito which are the fish pictured here on the rack. We have not seen these fish in several months. It is normal to catch one or two on a trip but not a dozen. Most big game pelagic fish love to eat bonito so the fact that we are starting to see them is good.

Several of the charter boats did catch some nice mahi-mahi this week and a few blackfin tuna. As I’m writing this I just got a phone call from Capt. John Caselli and he said he has 2 wahoo, a sailfish and a dozen Bonito in the box. The spring bite might be here so you better go check it out this weekend.

Swordfishing has actually picked up this week thanks to a little break in the weather. Most people this week we’re averaging 2 to 3 bites per trip which is average for South Florida on a daytime sword trip.

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