Early this week we decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic to fish for blue marlin. Lots of our customers travel to Casa De Campo this time of the year to experience angling large numbers of these migrating blue marlin. The fishing is about 30 miles offshore and we fish around floating structures called FADS ( fish attracting devices) put out by the local fisherman. The local fishermen drop a giant concrete block down to the bottom and connect rope to it. At the surface of the ocean the tie the rope to a large net filled with styrofoam. They then tie palm tree branches to the net. This floating device attracts baitfish to the spot and in turn the larger fish assemble around the fad. As we troll around the fad we attract blue marlin, wahoo, and dolphin that are hanging around the structure. It is very similar to dolphin fishing as you are fishing around something floating. It was an awesome experience fishing 2 days and catching 5 blue marlin, a 70lb wahoo, and a few big dolphin. I have all of the charter info in you are interested in going.