With all of the craziness about this virus on land I think about the one location I can tell you that’s pretty darn safe and that is the ocean. Get the family together and take a ride and catch some fish. Pictured here is first mate Cody and Gary Katz with a blackfin tuna caught this week. Blackfin tuna is outstanding to eat.

I actually like eating blackfin more than yellowfin tuna. Anytime you catch a tuna make sure to bleed the fish out so that the meat is not overly red. This is the best way to ensure great taste. Trolling for blackfin tuna is best around birds and small bait schools in depths of 250-400 feet of water. We are fishing very small tuna candy jigs for blackfin. 

Purple/black and blue/silver combos skirts with a 5/0 black Mustad hook work the best. Troll around 8 knots to get the bite!

Get tight!
RJ Boyle