Pictured here is my daughter Elli Boyle holding a small electric reel. With all of the seaweed that we encounter on a daily basis on our charter boat “Lisa B” we had to change things up to stay effective and put up great catches. We were spending way too much time reeling in seaweed that we were not actually fishing.

We started to fish these small electric reels with the planers and man has it changes not only our lives but our customers arms. When you get seaweed on the planer you have to slow the boat down and it takes a long time to wind up 100 to 200 feet of line. With the Electric reel we can simply hit the button and wind it in without killing ourselves and get the bait back into the water as soon as we can to catch more fish.

The great part of the electric reel is it also has a manual hand crank so you can fight  fish just like a conventional reel without the electric.

What a life changer!

RJ Boyle