If your dream fish includes catching a blue marlin then now is your time. February is really the only month of the year you can target blues off our coast. Last week while sword fishing we hooked into a blue marlin. We hooked the fish while deploying the bait on the surface behind the boat. At first I thought it was going to be a dolphin but it never jumped. As we drove closer to the lead the rod started wobbling violently and to our amazement a 180lb blue marlin started jumping all over the ocean. He went so crazy that he started jumping at the boat and we had to drive away from him at full speed. Unfortunately the fish jumped into the boat and got caught between the engines. The fish shook violently for a few seconds then fell back into the water and continued jumping away. Over the past week I have heard of 5 blue marlin caught. Give us a call to get you set up for blue marlin trip.
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