Pictured here with a nice swordfish is Robert Arrington on a trip with us earlier this week aboard our charter boat Lisa B. Robert is a YouTube sensation with several million followers. His channel is called Deer Meat For Dinner. He is a hunter of both wild game and fish. He makes films capturing and cooking his catch.

He had seen last weeks article and called me wanting to catch a sword for his channel. Let me tell you the swordfish have been absolutely chewing! Even thought we catch swords year round I can tell you that some months are better than others. Several fish over 250lbs were landed this week and rigged ladyfish have been the ticket for us. The magic depth of water was 1670 and all of our 4 swords were caught straight out off Fort Lauderdale. 

Check out the YouTube film on Roberts channel and subscribe  now To see us doing battle with a few swords. (Deer Meat For Dinner)

Call us if you’d like to book a trip both inshore and offshore and we can guide you in the right direction.

Get tight!
RJ Boyle