You are looking at one of the best eating fish in the ocean here in this picture. This is the meat from a pumpkin swordfish that we catch off our coast every so often. I am often asked if these orange colored fish are truly better eating than the standard white meat swords. I can tell you that it’s not even close as the pumpkin swordfish with fatty orange meat is one of the best fish dishes of all time!

The meat is orange because of the fishes diet which is mainly ruby red shrimp that they eat as they comb the bottom of the ocean out in deep water. These ruby red shrimp are almost electric red and this specifically causes the change to the color of the meat in a swordfish. Prior to cutting a pumpkin swordfish you can actually see the orange hue pushing through the skin.

If you see pumpkin sword fish in a fish market the price can be up to as much as double the standard white fish price but I will tell you it’s truly worth it. We also see fish that have a peachy tone to the meat which means that they have just begun eating red shrimp.

Either way if you see a swordfish with orange meat save me a filet!