Friday and Saturday are going to be beautiful. We have all been landlocked with this wind for over two weeks so it is time to play. Half of our customers are gearing up to go wahoo fishing and the other half are going to fish for sailfish. We have another approaching front which will really help our fishing in general but specifically for the wahoo and sailfish. Catch or buy live bait for your day of sail fishing. Kite fishing will be the best way this weekend to put up some numbers. Goggle Eyes and pilchards will be your best bait locally. As for wahoo you have two choices. First, troll baits or lures at around 12 knots for the first two hours of light. Your desired depths for the morning wahoo will be between 175 and 300 feet of water. At around 10am put up the kite and try catching one on live bait. Don't forget to add a few feet of wire to your rig.

Get Tight!

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