Earlier last week we filmed an instructional film for "IN THE SPREAD" ( Our instructional platform for learning how to catch fish species worldwide).  We traveled to Palm Beach to fish the C-17 spillway with snook ninja Travis Timilty.  He taught me how to fish the spillway for snook using live bait such as Mayan cichlids.  We fished these baits from the rocks adjacent to the spillway placing the baits in areas of the flowing water where the snook stage up to ambush prey.  This is the time of the year during the rains when the spillways are opened up allowing all of the excess waters from the back canals to flow into the saltwater canals.  The snook and tarpon find their way to the spillway waiting for free meals to flow over the lock.  The water pushes so hard that fish flow from the fresh water canal into the salt water canal.  We caught a big snook weighing approx. 27lbs and pulled the hooks on another.  In addition we landed a bass on the salt water side.  This fishing is really interesting and cost effective as well (no boat needed).  Log onto inthespread.com to check it out in a few weeks. The snook fishing around the inlets and at the piers is also in full swing so give it a shot!