Lots of local boaters are really upset that the boat ramps are not open. The initial reason for shutting down the ramps was due to the fact that raft up parties and flotillas in the local areas where people were not adhering to the 6 foot range and basically acting like spring break was in full swing and the virus never existed upset lots of people. Unfortunately a decision to close the ramps and keep boaters off the water was put into affect. Locally here at Hillsboro Inlet where the charter boat fleet resides the businesses had been shut down about 10 days ago. 

As of yesterday we are now informed that the charter boats are good to be up and running. These are crazy times and information is changing on a daily basis. Everybody is questioning whether there business is essential. We are even wondering if we are going to be pulled over and fined if we are on the water. Fake news and changing real news is everywhere. All we can do is take this day by day and try to maintain a positive attitude.

As for fishing, try to stay safe if you’re going to fish alone. It is not something I ever recommend but if you’re going to do it make sure somebody calls you every 15 minutes to make sure you’re OK. Also give your husband, wife, parent or friend a plan for when you will be returning. Pictured here is a wahoo I caught on a solo mission earlier this week.

Stay safe,
RJ Boyle