Not many guys have been able to get out this week with all the wind. That being said we should see some good fishing this weekend with all of this east northeast wind. Most of the big kingfish were posted up to the north of us but this wind will blow them into our area. This week last year we caught our biggest kingfish to date in the Jimmy Johnson tournament that weighed in at 58 pounds.

We caught that fish off Boca. We should see some good dolphin fishing this weekend near shore inside of 300 feet of water and the sailfish bite should be decent Saturday. We will be kite fishing for sails aboard the Lisa B Saturday. Anytime we put out the kites out around some of the local wrecks we sometimes get lucky and catch a Cobia like the one in the picture.

Cobia is great eating but be careful they are tough to gaff!and they go crazy in the boat! Swordfishing is going to be tough with the rough sea conditions offshore but if you are going to venture out there make sure you have all of your safety equipment in line.

Have a great weekend and get tight!