Pictured here is Janen Moyer fishing aboard the “Reel Dusky” and Capt Mike Busse earlier this week. He is holding a rare catch from the deep. This is a pomfret caught while sword fishing in 1700 feet of water. \\You never really know what is going to bite your line when you are fishing near the bottom that deep. We have caught all sorts of critters from bluefin tuna, giant sharks, oil fish and of course swords. These pomfret are great eating and their skin is like silver armor. A really cool catch!

This weekend keep an eye out for the Wahoo. Wednesday several boats doubled up on nice fish frim 25-40 pounds. Most of the action was around 250 feet deep. If you have any questions give us a call at the shop and we will get you dialed in.

RJ Boyle