We have put together the 1st Annual Jim Allen Swordfish Tournament and Saturday is the day! Jim Allen passed a few months back while doing what he loved to do best, fishing. Jim was one of the guys always fishing the swordfish grounds on his boat "La Nena" with his captain Rich Clawges. Though Jim was in his seventies he would fish no matter what the weather was. There were several days where I would turn my boat around just to hear later that Jim spent the whole day out there.  The swordfish tournament weigh in will be at the Lighthouse Point Marina. Boats will begin arriving around 5pm to weigh their catches. The three biggest fish win the tournament with a small pot for the dolphin. We love you and miss you Jim Allen!

Get Tight,
RJ Boyle

Pictured here left Richie Clawges and right Jim Allen one of La Nenas big swordfish.

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