Pictured here is Charlie Boscarino with a nice kingfish caught trolling this last weekend. We have had some really good days with limits of kings at two per person recently. Kingfish, in my opinion makes for good eating when it is freshly caught. Fish cooked same day is excellent if cooked properly. We take the skin off and cut out all of the bloodline leaving clean slabs of meat. Some anglers like to marinate the filets in Italian dressing prior to cooking while others dice up the filets for kingfish tacos. Either way you can’t really go wrong.

One of the most popular ways to eat larger kings is by smoking them. Guys are always bringing fish dip to the store when the kings are around. Everyone seems to have their own secret recipe for making the “best” dip around. I’m not much of a cook myself but I sure enjoy all of the different styles of smoked kingfish dip. If you get a chance over the next few months to get your hands on some fresh kingfish break out your smoker and give it a whirl.

As for catching kings trolling or live baiting in 125 feet of water seems to be the ticket. Call us if you need an up to date fishing report and we can put you on the kings!

Get tight!
RJ Boyle