Every October we are greeted with huge schools of mullet that migrate towards the south along our beaches. These fish are so close to the shore that they even get caught up on the sand as the waves push from the east. As these schools of mullet travel, they are being pursued by a number of larger fish. Tarpon, snook, bluefish, and sharks are a few species that trail these schools with hopes of an easy meal. Whether you are fishing from land or sea, here are a few tips for fishing these large bait schools.
1) Position yourself out in front of an oncoming school - throwing a bait directly into a school of a thousand mullet may not only spook the mullet but the other desired fish as well.
2) Don't be afraid to fish dead bait on the bottom. As larger fish feed, the injured fish will sink closer to the bottom. The desired fish will go in for a meal and then search the bottom for leftovers. Mullet heads fished on the bottom are great baits!
3) Don't throw cast nets into a school of mullet that you want to fish. Net your bait in a different location.
Here's to a great weekend of fishing!

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