As you approach the Hillsboro inlet you are greeted with the smell of complete foulness. At first I thought maybe a sewer main had broken but after further review I saw mountains of seaweed on the south side of the jetty rotting in the heat. Over the last two months fishing has been made difficult due to so much floating debris. It is difficult to fish when you have weed on your bait most of the time. One tactic we have been using to help eliminate the frustration is to only troll 1-2 rods at a fast pace (8-9 knots) alongside the weed patches. Hold the rods up high so that the bonito or squid strip rigs skip right over the weeds. If you are traveling 6 knots and pulling ballyhoo fishing will be difficult. Fish along the weed patch for no more than 5-10 minutes. If dolphin are on the patch you are going to know instantly. If you don't get a bite pick up and run to the next area that looks like it would hold fish. Come by the shop and we will get you dialed in.
Have a great weekend.

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