Last week I traveled down to Key West and hopped aboard the Yankee Captains Charter Boat. I had heard about this trip my whole life from friends and people close to me saying that it was awesome!

We traveled 100 miles south of Key West where I experienced some of the best bottom fishing in my life. We caught mutton snapper, red grouper, black grouper, wahoo and almost everything else in the ocean! We left on Sunday at 3 PM and arrived at the fishing grounds at 2 o’clock in the morning where we began fishing. We fished two and a half days straight only taking naps because the fishing was so good.

We slept on board and it was totally comfortable. The boat has a full time Chef Chad and the fresh fish meals were ridiculously good. Captain Greg Mercurio and his 4 man crew waited on us like we all were kings.

As a fisherman I would suggest that in your lifetime you experience this kind of trip. At first I was a hesitant to stay on the boat for three days but after experiencing it first hand I would suggest it to everyone. If you need anymore information or phone numbers please reach out to us and we will get you lined up. What an experience! I sure crossed off several bucket list fish!

Stay tight,
RJ Boyle