Some great fishing this week! Pictured here with two nice wahoo is Joe Fox.  Fox is a great friend of mine and we have been exchanging wahoo tactics over the last 20 years. This was the first trip we ever fished together. We departed Hillsboro Inlet and began fishing towards the north trolling at around 10 knots. When we reached Boca inlet in 315 feet of water all three rods started screaming. “My gosh we have hooked a triple header”  I screamed and we both started scrambling for the rods. We landed two of the three fish. We caught these fish trolling planers behind the boat. The best setup in our waters for wahoo is a #4 planer on the long bait and a #6 planer on the short rod. We also had a tuna jig way back.

As for the offshore fishing the swordfishing has been good. Pictured here is Jack Godwin with a nice swordfish caught in 1750 feet of water on a Bonita belly with a 10/0 J-hook. We were fishing off of Ft Lauderdale when the big swordfish took the bait which was suspended halfway down in the water column on a buoy rod. That same day we also caught a smaller fish.

If you have a boat try and relieve some stress by getting away from all this virus chatter. The ocean is a wonderful place to escape stress! If you need help fishing or with any fishing techniques or tactics stop by the store and we will help you out!

Have a great weekend!
RJ Boyle