On thursday morning of this week we fished for about two hours right outside of boca inlet. The plan was to troll for kingfish and basically start our day with a quick fishing trip. It is always nice when you can catch a fish or two and get to work by 10:30. We headed north out of Boca Inlet and caught a nice kingfish in the first 5 minutes weighing 15 pounds. We fished for another 30 minutes and had two other bites but missed the fish. As we were trolling we noticed a weed line forming along the outgoing tide line. This weed line or current edge has always proven productive for fishing as it contains lots of nutrients and temperature change which fish love. We decided to switch gears and troll the line for wahoo. We had our first wahoo bite in five minutes which cut the line off. We made another pass along the same spot and the rod bent over again!! There was no doubt in our minds what it was as the line screamed off the reel. After we put the wahoo in the boat I looked at my watch and it was time to go to work. The wahoo bite will be great this weekend as the full moon falls on Saturday so make plans. We caught the wahoo on a bonito strip trolled at 9 knots heading with the current.

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