Bahama wahoo have begun to bite early this year. We have had several reports of catches of wahoo averaging between 35 and 45 pounds from boats making their initial run over to West End and Bimini. The best of the bite was on the falling tide over the past week. Most of the boats targeting wahoo caught between 6 and 8 fish in a two hour period. In addition to wahoo the queen snapper bite has been off the chain in depths around 1,100 feet of water. A good plan would be to fish for bottom fish around the slack tides and then wahoo fish for a few hours around the change of the tides.

As for our side the swords are still biting offshore with a dolphin here and there. The west wind pushed a lot of the quality water farther east so to find dolphin you may have to travel 15-20 miles off. The kingfish and smaller bonito bit well all week.

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