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About RJ Boyle The Artist

My art career started at an early age as I spent much time in drawing and painting classes. My mother was very artsy and loved crafts, so I did grow up around the arts in a sense. Through my grade school years, I was surrounded by classmates that were really into drawing which, as I look back on it now, was probably one of the underlying reasons I am a serious artist today.

I spent years trying different types of mediums from sculpture to painting and drawing. I did major in art through college but at the same time, I was more consumed in athletics than art.

It was not until some years out of college that I actually pursued my career as an artist. I was fishing full time as a mate and in my spare time at the dock began to draw. I would usually draw detailed fishing pictures. Pencil is my favorite medium, and it was easy to pick up a sketch pad in the salon of a boat and do a drawing. I started to make t-shirts from the drawings that I did and began to sell them at the dock where I worked. I would back up my van and sell my shirts to the crews and make a few extra bucks. That was the beginning of what has been an awesome ride so far.

I have been involved in art shows, fishing tournaments, and many other events that has made my life very existing. I have been fortunate enough to have opened my own store which encompasses both of my passions, fishing tackle and artwork.

My dream now is to continue to do what I do and one of my personal goals is to fish one more day each year than the previous year.

If you get a chance, come check out my studio/tackle shop. It is really a cool place to see.



Artwork by RJ Boyle image
Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle


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Artwork by RJ Boyle

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