A summer time fishing trip locally consists of sweat, bonito, and sometimes large wahoo. Anytime you have herds of bonito schooling along our reefs you will have several other predators lurking close by. The average bonito weighs close to 10 pounds and provides the perfect meal for fish large enough to eat them. Sharks would be at the top of the list starting with the bull shark. We have had many reports of bonitos being eaten boat side by huge bulls. Swimming on the outskirts of the bonito schools are also large wahoo. If you happen to be trolling or live baiting in the right spot your bait may be engulfed by wahoo weighing in excess of 60lbs. The best of the wahoo bite has been happening in 150 feet of water. Several charter boats which include Bolo and Poseidon Too landed wahoo over 50lbs this week.

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