Pictured here is Chris Faye from the Poseidon Too charter boat out of the Cove Marina. It seems like I am looking at the same picture every day from Chris. It’s like he catches 2 to 5 wahoo every trip!

The wahoo fishing has never been this good but Capt. Mark Danley says “it is because we never fished for them the way we do now. We troll the bonito strip baits up to 10 knots when we use to average 5 knots.”

If you want to learn the secrets to catching local wahoo give them a shout at 561-445-2712 and book a trip. The great thing about going faster is the ability to cover more ground and find the fish.

They are also putting up more numbers on sailfish and mahi mahi due to the increased speed.

Saturday looks good but check the weather before you go!