28 Jul 2020

Always Be Ready

Always Be Ready

A friend of mine was running in from canyon fishing earlier this week when he came upon a boat in flames. He did not see anyone in the water and so they contacted the Coast Guard to start a search and rescue. When they got to the dock several hours later they realized that the people were picked up and taken to safety on another vessel. They said the fire started so quickly that they had no time to do anything.

Even the liferaft case was engulfed in flames when they threw it into the ocean. You never know when stuff like this is going to happen and usually it only takes seconds for things to get bad. Make sure you have your towboat and Coast Guard information handy at all times. Don’t leave it inside the console or down below.

We have a sticker on our boat that is right on my display panel.  It does not look the best but I can get out a mayday call and give my member number and coordinates within seconds. It’s a difference of life or death.  Thank God everyone was OK.

Photo courtesy of Robbie Goodwin.

Be safe!
RJ Boyle

Artwork by RJ Boyle image
Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle


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Artwork by RJ Boyle

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