11 Dec 2014

Barracuda. Its a Love Hate Relationship

Barracuda. Its a Love Hate Relationship

If I had to choose between love or hate I would choose love. I love catching barracudas for a few reasons. Barracuda fight really well and at times put on an ariel show similar to a mahi mahi. They can truly test light to medium sized tackle with these acrobatics and long blistering runs. After charter fishing for years I can tell you that the barracuda is at the top of the list for mounting as a trophy (taxidermy). The silver skin and scales combined with the black and grey spots give this fish a gladiator look. The most wicked thing about the barracuda is the jaws and teeth. Very few fish worldwide have a set of teeth that impressive and I have a scar on my left arm to prove it. As for table fare barracuda is eaten by many people but I am not one of them as it has been said that the larger fish carry a disease called ciguatera that can make you extremely sick. The meat of the cuda makes one of the best deep dropping baits for snapper and grouper. The belly of the cuda makes for a great swordfish bait. Yes, once in a while the barracuda will eat one of your kingfish or snappers while you are fighting a fish and for this reason the cuda is known as the tax man. You have to pay the cuda if your going to fish in his waters. Either way you look at it the barracuda is an amazing fish.

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