On a slow day this past week we caught bonito and used them as live bait hoping for a sailfish or big wahoo.  We used a spinning rod with a wire leader and an 8/0 hook.

Once we baited up we slowly drove the boat in and out of gear to maintain forward momentum which is a must to keep these big baits alive. After fishing for about ten minutes the bait start to spook and then the rod started screaming! We looked out to see a fish jumping which we thought at first was a sailfish. This fish jumped several times and we couldn’t quite tell what it was.

After about thirty minutes we had the fish boat side and it was one of the largest barracuda we had ever seen. What a catch! Though we do not really eat them I must say that they sure are a blast for any angler! This fish was caught near a wreck in 165 feet of water by Lauren Bordelin on our Crew trip.

Stay ready!
RJ Boyle