March is one of the best months to dig for gold off our south Florida coast. Pictured here is John Bassett showing off a 35lb golden tilefish caught late last week. These fish not only put up a great fight but make for excellent table fare. To capture one of these trophies you must fish on the bottom of the ocean around a depth of 900 feet. Squid seems to be the best bait fished on a circle hook rig with a 5-7 pound lead at the bottom. Some anglers use an underwater light as the bottom is very dark. The best time to fish for goldens is when the gulfstream current is mild at around 2.5 knots or less. The black belly rose fish hang is the same area with the golden tilefish so you will usually catch these fish mixed into your catch. The rose fish are also excellent eating. One disclaimer regarding the golden tile is that it is believed that they contain high contents of mercury so try not to eat the entire 35 pounds in one sitting.

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