Over the years I have met a few good fishermen that just do not take care of their boat. These guys keep a dirty and unorganized program and function just fine like that. Everybody is different! For me I cannot function at my best if my boating/fishing program is not tight. Maybe I worry about things way too much. If everything is not in order my mind wanders thinking about things that need repair, cleaning or organization.

If my mind is not focused 100% on fishing then I am losing. Once I know everything is in order my mind focuses 100% on fishing. I know my boat and tackle is ready for whatever is about to happen. I will say in confidence that I have very little failure when it comes to the boat or the tackle. When we hook the right fish our mind is free of any clutter and closing the deal on big fish becomes a reality. You may think that keeping your boat nice has nothing to do with catching big fish but for me I am here to tell you that the two go hand in hand.

To date we have caught 9 swordfish over 500lbs and have experienced many other outstanding catches all from my vessel. In order to close the deal on so many good fish your tackle and boat have to be in top order. Many crew members have reached out to me letting me know that the "One Step Ahead" films have really changed there perspective on their fishing purpose. If your personality is anything like mine do yourself a favor and find time to get your program even tighter.

You may be surprised how many more fish hit the deck.

Stay Tight!
RJ Boyle