We traveled to Ocean City to find out if we could catch a swordfish on the bottom in the daytime.  Several boats have tried to catch a sword but had no luck.  Fishing off of Maryland is not so easy as you must travel 75 miles one way to find a spot that would even hold a swordfish.  We made the 75 mile trip 3 days in a row.  We did not have a swordfish bite until the late afternoon on the last day.  We were so frustrated and felt as if we had exhausted all tactics.  We decided to fish in an area where swords don't ever seem to be in the day.  We usually drop  the baits in 1600 feet but we figured with no success we had to make a change.  We dropped the bait in 1,000 feet of water and instantly we were hooked up.  We had three bites in a row before it got dark.  Better late than never. We fished with the HUK boat.
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