05 Jan 2020

Giant Tuna off Boca in January?

Giant Tuna off Boca in January?

Pictured here Is Capt Mike Busse of “Reel Dusky” charters with an 830 pound bluefin tuna caught off of Boca Raton. This tuna was caught while swordfishing in 1650 feet of water and took 3 hours to land. “The fish hit like a freight train” said Capt Mike. They thought it was a thresher shark but then the line went slack and the fish ran all the way to the surface.

The tuna then decided that he didn’t like the sun so he ran all the way back to the bottom. AThis was an epic fight. What is so crazy about this catch is that we only really see these tuna fish in the months of May and June. Of all the people swordfishing there are probably only 3 or 4 caught in a year.  We have never seen one caught here in the month of January.

This goes to show you how very little we know about fish stocks and highly migratory species. In order to land a giant bluefin tuna in the South Atlantic you must have an HMS Angling Permit.

You are allowed one trophy tuna per vessel per year exceeding the slot of 28-73 inches.

What a catch!

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RJ Boyle

Artwork by RJ Boyle image
Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle


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Artwork by RJ Boyle

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