Earlier this week we fished with Capt. Glenn Cameron on a boat called the Floridian. He called me and said we should make a video on how to catch Mutton and Mangrove snappers. We took him up on his offer because we really needed to add a snapper video to our instructional fishing online platform called "In the Spread". One of the main things I learned was that you really need to have at least 1 knot of current to have success. If you have no current snapper fishing will be almost non existent. Early in our trip we had no current as we sat anchored in 75 feet of water. We deployed a chum bag and fished a number of baits on the bottom both alive and dead. The bait of choice was a butterflied grunt with a single 8/0 mustad J hook fished on 50 feet of 80lb Ande pink leader line. We caught some sharks, sea bass, kings, and a cobia but no snapper. We decided to drive south to another spot 10 miles to the south to see if the current conditions were any different. To our surprise the current was different and was moving to the north and around a knot. We anchored and deployed the baits this time in 55 feet of water.

For the next 2 hours we caught mangrove and mutton snapper up to 8lbs and had a blast. Check out inthespread.com for some of the cutting edge knowledge being shared by the best captains in the world. It is truly something special.

To charter Capt. Glenn Cameron of Floridian Charters call 772-332-1155.

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