21 Dec 2022

Is a Broadbill Swordfish on Your Christmas List?

Is a Broadbill Swordfish on Your Christmas List?

Pictured here is the Griffiths party with a stellar catch of swordfish aboard the charter boat “Lisa B”. These guys traveled down from Daytona Beach not only looking to catch a sword, but to learn how to fish for them so they could go back and do it on their own boat. We take lots of anglers that have their own boats but are simply trying to get better at swordfishing. Swordfish travel worldwide so we really have become a learning center for anglers from all states and countries. We love to teach! The fish that you see here were caught on the buoy rod which is a rod that floats behind the boat using a large float almost like a bobber in a lake. This bait is suspended about 200 to 300 feet off of the bottom. The bait used was a squid tentacle and is higher up in the water column than the main rod we fish directly off the tip in the boat. The buoy can be highly effective when the fish are up higher feeding off the bottom.
It sure is a big ocean out there and it seems like we are really insignificant as you look around at the vastness of the gulfstream. Over the years we have logged in so much information about where to go and how it relates to moon phase and the time of the year. There are so many ingredients that need to align correctly to be successful in almost 2000 feet water.
Now is the time to catch swordfish as the migrational pattern has them right off our coast. Please reach out and we can get you lined up for a charter. We take up to six people and swordfish charters are all day events. We leave the dock at around 6:45 and are back at the dock at around 4:30.

As for local fishing the bite has been great! A mixed bag is what you should expect right now. “Native Son” out of Pompano had some great trips this week hooking up to sailfish, mahi-mahi, bonito and a few wahoo. It’s a great time to go fishing but please check the weather before you partake!

Get tight and Merry Christmas!
RJ Boyle

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Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle
Artwork by RJ Boyle


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Artwork by RJ Boyle

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