This weekend we will be fishing in the Jimmy Johnson billfish tournament out of Ocean reef Florida. This tournament is known worldwide due to the heavy competition from great captains and anglers. Believe it or not our boat will not be in pursuit of sailfish but for one of the several meat fish categories.

One big Tuna, Wahoo, dolphin, Cobia and kingfish is what we will need to catch in order to win a big pot. The biggest one of these fish could take up to 50,000. We have geared our trip around getting one great bite. We will be fishing wire leaders with larger circle hooks that are required in the tournament. We will fish less baits and try to fish them productively with great presentation.

Always remember that just because you see a sailfish tournament doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot of prize money in the meat divisions. We will give you an update next week.

Get tight!