Hurricane Matthew has done wonders for the inshore and nearshore fishing.  Mackeral and pompano have been thick along the beaches cruising with the mullet schools that are migrating in full force.  Most years we don't really see a huge push of fish due to the lack of big storms but not this year.  Snook and tarpon are also having a field day on the mullet spraying them up onto the beach as they fill they're gullets.  Pompano we see every 3-4 years and really never in between.  
The best way to catch the pompano is on Goofy Jigs, crabs or shrimp.  With the wind blowing this weekend give it a shot anywhere from Pompano to Boynton.  On a side note the redfish were solid in Boynton inlet earlier this week.  This never happens.  Thank you Hurricane Matthew for the fish.
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