Summer is not usually a time when we target sailfish off our coast.  Warm temperatures and big sailfish catches do not really go together.  That being said the last two weeks has seen some of the best sail fishing in quite some time.  Every year strange things happen within our fishery out front that are difficult to explain.  
One thing we can say is that migratory patterns of highly migratory fish like the sailfish change year to year.  I believe that sailfish usually travel in deep waters during the summer but not this year.  Over the last week many boats fishing live bait have released near double digits of sails.  One boat out of Hillsboro inlet "Ring Master" caught 3 sailfish earlier this week on the troll using a planer method of fishing. While the wahoo fishing has been decent you may want to target sailfish this weekend.
Get Tight,
RJ Boyle

Pictured is an RJ Boyle sailfish painting titled "Misty"
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