Over the last week there has been some great swordfishing out front. Several fish have been caught over 300 pounds by a few local anglers.

That being said we had a trip early this week where all of our hooked baits snagged squid down near the bottom. The last two years I can tell you that the squid migrated through our area just after the hurricanes. We had about a month of slow swordfishing because every bait that we dropped for a sword got mauled by or foul hooked a squid. There is nothing more frustrating than fishing all day knowing that you probably have a squid on your hook. If you have a squid on the hook, the bait will spin and you will not get a bite from a swordfish.

Sometimes it’s really hard to tell but if you study the rod and the bending action you can see a difference. There is a slightly heavier bend to the action of the rod and it’s action is a bit more spongy. Another tell tale sign happens when you go to re-drop back to the bottom. It will take longer to hit the bottom because of the weight of the squid holding the lead as you drop it back.

The amount of line off your reel is also an indication as you will have up to10%- 20% more line off than usual.
Keep an eye on the rod!

Stay Tight,